new Glas Italia Lady Hio new Glas Italia Lady Hio

“When human knowhow and technology become a miracle glass becomes a gracefulness poetry.” P. Starck A collection of dining tables with a top that has a chamfered edge either in transparent extralight glass 15 mm. thick or in laminated 8+8 mm. thick glass in three special transparent colors: yellow, warm grey, orange. The legs, in blown and molded borosilicate glass, can have a neutral transparent finish or be finished in the same color as the top. The legs can be dismantled and are screwed to the top and lay on the floor by means of specially finished feet in brushed and anodized aluminum in the following colors: gold, rose-colored copper, bronze or nickel. Dimensioni/dimension 180 x 90 x H 73 cm 180 x 100 x H 73 cm 200 x 90 x H 73 cm 200 x 100 x H 73 cm 220 x 90 x H 73 cm 220 x 100 x H 73 cm 130 x 130 x H 73 cm 140 x 140 x H 73 cm Ø120 x H 73 cm Ø130 x H 73 cm Ø140 x H 73 cm Ø150 x H 73 cm

Glas Italia was established in 1970 in Macherio in Brianza, the industrious area of Regione Lombardia made famous by the shrewdness of some enlightened enterpreneurs of furnishings, thanks to whom the phenomenon of the "Italian design", well-known and appreciated throughout the whole world, could develop.