Blond Belysning Kulho Medi plywood Blond Belysning Kulho Medi MDF Blond Belysning Kulho Medi oak

Glass And Wood With Kulho, the Finnish word for bowl, two of the worlds´ most fantastic materials are united: glass and wood. A beautiful exterior can only be matched with an equally beautiful interior. In this case an interior which plays with the space and dimension. Kulho can be manufactured in a variety of materials: ash, birch, oak, plywood or why not a coloured MDF where it´s possible to work with one or more colours and in different thicknesses of the layers. As a standard, Kulho is manufactured with a direct light distribution. Light sources, manufacturer of ballast and type of control (e.g. DALI) by request. H 260 mm D 960 mm T16R 55W

FAMILY OWNED COMPANY BLOND was created in Värnamo, Sweden, where all the production and manufacturing is still carried out.