Kodama Coat Rack

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Kodama coat rack is a free-standing coat rack made of pine wood.

Arriving home and taking off your coat might be one of the most underappreciated moments of calm over a day. Kodama is a minimalist coat rack that brings the warmth of a Welcome Home! message while serving a highly functional purpose. The inspiration for the name of this object lies in Princess Mononoke animation film, where Kodama is a spirit that lives in the tree. The free-flowing lines of Kodama’s white faces inspired the shape of the coat rack’s central element, which ensures the equilibrium of the entire object. Made of three long wooden legs connected in the middle, Kodama has a svelte structure that works by considering the physical characteristics of an object with balance weights.

Oana Iacob

Oana Iacob

Oana draws, reconditions old objects and creates new ones. She has always produced objects out of passion, not from an external requirement. In her projects, Oana tries to practice the learning of discipline and of virtues.

We design sharp and timeless solutions for ever-changing environments. For us, dynamic change in living and working spaces nowadays has opened a breach for new, bold ideas. We regard change as an opportunity. The uniqueness of our products stems from our innovative design approach, forward looking-techniques and an everlasting love for traditional craftsmanship.