Koala by MODO luce
MODO luce

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Table lamp: base diam. cm. 20 x h. cm. 50

Family of lamps that uses the power of a strong magnet to pin the 2 elements: a wall support or a metal stand with round base and a compact adjustable lighting body made of die-casted aluminium, with a dichroic halogen bulb or with LED. The adjustable element with his power cable, like a koala, can be placed at different heights of the floor, reading and table lamp stand, as well as turned downwards or aside with a tilt angle of 40°, also for the wall lamp. The adjustable body can be used “free” or fixed on the stand and it is available in aluminium, white, black or strong and colourful as orange-yellow, green and turquoise. It can be placed at different heights for the floor lamp, and the support for the wall fixing are available in two versions nickel satin-finished or white. This collection is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses, contract and living spaces. Colours-matching structure + adjustable body Stands in satin-finished nickel, matt black painted base or wall support in satin-finished nickel. Matching with aluminium or black painted adjustable body, with grey polyester power cable Stands in white metal and white painted base or wall support in satin-finished nickel. Matching with white or pop coloured painted adjustable body, with red polyester power cable Colours of adjustable body: Aluminium, matt white and black, orange-yellow, green, turquoise Light bulbs:                                       indoor 1GU10 x dichroic 20W 1 x dichroic 6W Led (= 40W halogen) - 350 lm – 25.000 h outdoor IP 66 - 1 x led multi chip power 10W – 36V 3000° K warm white – 35.000 h Power supply: 220/240V

Modo Luce: the solid lightness of light design A new, free and easy, coloured and amusing approach to the world of light.