Width 29.5 cm
Depth 10.5 cm
Height 18 cm
Weight 2.3 kg


Colour Neutral
Material Oak


Knife & Utensils holder

Store knives and utensils safely, hygienically and conveniently on the wall or countertop. Unlike most knife blocks, there are no prescriptive blade slots so all knife sizes can be stored easily. When selecting a knife to use, you can see the knife blades clearly, making selection simple. Spoons, spatulas and ladles go in the adjoining compartment keeping everything close at hand. Made from sustainably harvested, solid American white oak, finished in a smooth, matt, water resistant lacquer. Edges look crisp but are finely hand sanded to make them soft to the touch. Filled with bamboo micro-sticks. Supplied with screw fixings. Design by Lincoln Rivers.

We don’t just design a product, we design the whole experience, hands-on end to end.