Klos by Kevin Reilly Collection
Kevin Reilly Collection

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Kevin Reilly Collection Klos Kevin Reilly Collection Klos

INDOOR FINISHES: Steel Dark Patina Steel Ash Patina Natural Steel Steel Bronze Patina OUTDOOR FINISH: Stainless Bronze Exterior Stainless Dark Exterior Stainless Dark Bronze Exterior Stainless Mineral White Exterior Stainless Satin Black Exterior INDOOR SIZES: Size 11: 21.9W x 23.6D x 34.3H cm Custom options also available OUTDOOR SIZES: Size 1 62.0W x 66.4D x 100.5H cm Size 2 62.0W x 66.4D x 78.8H cm Size 3 47.0W x 50.7D x 75.8H cm Size 4 47.0W x 50.7D x 58.5H cm Size 5 37.0W x 39.8D x 59.3H cm Size 6 37.0W x 39.8D x 46.5H cm Size 7 31.8W x 34.5D x 51.5H cm Size 8 31.8W x 34.5D x 35.1H cm Size 9 26.4W x 28.8D x 43.2H cm Size 10 26.4W x 28.8D x 31.7H cm Size 11 21.9W x 23.6D x 34.3H cm Size 12 21.9W x 23.6D x 25.2H cm Size 13 16.8W x 18.6D x 26.5H cm Size 14 16.8W x 18.6D x 20.7H cm Custom options also available MOUNTING OPTIONS: Sconce ALL KEVIN REILLY LIGHTING IS TRADEMARKED. FIXTURES WITH ELECTRIFIED CANDLES ARE US PATENT PROTECTED. PUBLICATION NO . U S 6 , 7 2 9 , 74 8 B 2 COPY PROHIBITED. UL APPROVED.

KEVIN REILLY COLLECTION, TIMELESS LIGHTING Renowned for his innovative work with lighting that uses a decidedly new approach, American designer Kevin Reilly designs luxurious lighting to create environments that are harmonious, warm and inviting.