King by Atelier Alinea
Atelier Alinea

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King is Fluidum's modern interpretation of the classic high American bed. Thanks to the high frame it's possible to use this bed with high bed-bases and very thick mattresses. Depending on base and mattress the height of the lying area can be up to 55 cm. Thinner mattresses on the other side, can be beautifully recessed into the frame. The bed is almost free of metal. Exept for the screws it consists only of wood and upholstery. The high frame and the sturdy construction of this bed allow the use of heavy and high bed bases (even motor driven) aswell as the use of thick mattresses. The height of the sleeping-level depends on the height of the used bases and mattresses. We reccomend 9 to 12 cm high bed-bases. The 120 and 140 whide beds are delivered without the central beam. Frame: Plywood upholstered with foam and Dacron Covers: Removable covers in all fabrics and leathers of our collection B 128 / 148 / 168 / 188 / 208 x H 226 cm

Atelier Alinea plc was founded by Werner Abt in 1993.