KIMONO by Frigerio

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The name of this model recalls the tranquility of Oriental gardens and the enduring calm of peaceful retreats surrounded by nature. Here, it is pictured in neutral tones of beige or in soft and warm earthy hues. Lightweight fabric or soft leather embellished with exquisite sartorial details and decorative button tufting cover arms and backrests, giving the overall composition a very special feel, young and informal alike. An interesting feature is the possibility of creating sharp mismatches thanks to the contrast stitching, which can be chosen even in bright colors, so as to enhance the splendid features of this model. The soft foam-upholstered seat is available in two depths, while the multicolored, multi-patterned cushions only add to the overall coziness and warmth.

Frigerio is a family business specialized in upholstery production.