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De Castelli Kata De Castelli Kata

Kata is an object which is memory of a holy place, as holy as the primary role of Mother Nature. As a living object, its material is cut by the nature which emerges from it. And so Nature turns into the main character. The nature is voracious and it breaks into the material, tainting it but also giving it a renewed order. This is one of the centre-piece objets of “Landscape Interior Design” which represents a groundbreaking project inspired by nature considered as a powerful mother as well as the old essence of things. Kata transforms the landscape into a home place, an emotional and multisensory universe. Finishes: Cor-ten, maistral iron and acid-etched iron. Dimensions: 92 x 97 x h 45 cm 92 x 97 x h 36,5 cm

The energy of a man who succeeds in achieving his ideas flows naturally in Albino Celato, the founded, in the year 2003, of De Castelli, a brand that would soon come to prove its worth, on the strength of the experience of centuries that he inherited from his family of blacksmiths, deeply rooted in the piedmont area of Treviso and masters in shaping iron.