Crystal Glass Lens Luminaire There is something magical about lenses and this pendant carries some of this magic on its surface. The hand blown crystal glass is composed of two layers – a thick transparent one and a colored thinner coat. Circles are cut into both layers, thus creating the many lenses that cover the surface. Each lens bundles the scene behind it, thus creating the effect of distorted and multiple worlds behind each lens. The Kaline collection was made in close relationship with highly skilled glass blowers and engravers as well as lighting professionals, to create a light that unites the beauty of expert workmanship and advances in new technology. The pendant is available in 2 sizes and amber, grey or clear glass. Materials: Hand blown crystal glass with polished engraving. Ceiling rose finish: white powder coated metal. Colour options: smokey grey / clear / amber For additional colour options please contact Areti Bulb specification: Halogen capsule IRC 35W, light bulb and transformer included. Size: 250mm x 200mm

Atelier Areti is a design studio based in London. Our work is driven by the desire to create beautiful objects that add to the quality of life of their users as well as those involved in their making.