“The table goes with last year’s chair from Offecct. It’s a simple, straightforward idea based on wood and genuine, honest handcraft, designed to enable local production in Tanzania eventually. It’s somewhat pedagogical in its shape, hopefully without being too ordinary.” — Jasper Morrison Frame and table top in massive ash stained in whitepigmented oak laminate. The table is available in three different sizes.

At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro sits the first of many buildings that will in the years to come house an orphanage, school, office and home for children and aid workers in the area. The complex has been designed by the non-profit organisations Architects and Engineers without Borders. The project is run by ECONEF, a non-governmen- tal organisation based in Sweden and Tanzania, whose aim is to improve life for orphans in the area. The Kali chair and table are part of our ongoing collaboration with the independent organisation Econef which is working on developing a children’s centre in Northern Tanzania. The furniture is currently produced in our factory in Tibro in Sweden, but designed for future local manufacturing in Tanzania to create local job opportunities.

OFFECCT believes in combining genuine Swedish craftsmanship with qualitative, innovative and sustainable design.