JENSENplus K2 Chair JENSENplus K2 Chair JENSENplus K2 Chair

The old and well-known model 6000 from 1960's has been relaunched as the super-stackable K2 Chair. The old model 6000 has sold more than 500.000 pcs, and is now available as a reinterpretation. Curves are precise, design exquisite and ergonomic impackable. K2 Chair has elegant lines, creating a fine, super-stackable and highly stable chair suitable for both meeting and school. K2 Chair stacks 50 pcs on approx. 100cm and easy carrying, despite it's 11mm solid steel rod. Materials/Colors: 11mm steel rod, black powdercoated or crome Seat/back: Blackstained ash, oak eller with upholstery Glides: Black PVC (standard) or felt Measurements: H79/46 x W46 x D47cm

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