Paper pulp lamp refers with its shape and colo?r to one of the planets of the solar system – Jupiter.

Lamp dominates with its size over the rest of the paper pulp lamps, as well as Jupiter - the largest planet in the solar system. Thanks to an ocher color the lamp gives a pleasant and warm light. The interior of the lamp, when the lamp is on - seems to radiate the light - the walls of the lamp seem to be golden. Jupiter takes part of a collection of lamps connected by the common name "Copernicus".

Lamp is in 100% recycled - created from paper pulp. Available with textile cable. Hand made in Spain.

Featured in: Elle Decoration Croatia

Where it fits best?


living room, dining room, kids room, bedroom

The internal part of the lampshade has a particular pattern, different and unique in each lamp.




- 50 cm height

- 56 cm diameter

Textlile cord:

- 1m

Let us know if you need a longer cord, we will add it for you.

Cords are available in many colors. You can choose them during placing the order.

Light bulb:


This paper pulp lamps are designed for use with LED or energy saving bulbs only.

We recommend to use LED bulbs because those are safer than the energy saving bulbs.

With this lampshade you can use the bulb with max. 20 Watt, it is totally safe then.

The 20 Watt LED bulb makes as much light as 100 Watt incandescent traditional bulb.

Normally we use 60 Watt incandescent bulb to illuminate our spaces, which is an equivalent of 11 Watt LED bulb.

We suggest to use LED bulbs with warm white color - this color looks more natural than the cold white and is more similar to the color of traditional bulb.

Our lamps require bulbs with E27 ending.



You can clean our lamps with a dry brush or with a vacuum cleaner set at the lowest speed.



The lamp is already assembled, all you need to do is to mount it on the ceiling.

Lamp comes with a textile cable and a cable cup made also with paper mache.

Cable cup has the same color as the lamp.



All of our lamps are made for order. We will need around 2 weeks to prepare it for you.

The lamp is packed into a solid cardboard box.

We ship it with National Priority Mail or with the courier.

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Creates ecological lighting from paper waste with traditional technique of papier mâché.