Width 80 cm
Depth 82 cm
Height 79 cm
Weight 19 kg
Seat depth 50 cm
Seat height 41 cm


Foam material Polyurethane
Frame material Polyester fiberfill on wood
Lower and side upholstery A4248
Pillow design upholstery Fabric Pattern 2A
Pillow upholstery A4248
Seat and front back upholstery A4211 - Geo CS Pattern Green/Red
Side and rearback upholstery A4200 - Geo 01 CS Diamond/Flower Red


Volume 0.6 m3
Year 2008

Sushi, Karkaoma, Juju, Donut, Joy, damask embroidery, oriental symbolism, floral patterns and digital grids: a collection which finds its identity in the abundance of layering.

There is an accumulation of different inputs and stimuli, a manic flow which goes from architectural forms to various images from folklore. Traditional, futuristic, digital rationality, three-dimensional, romantic, psychedelic elation, a visual melting pot of fabric, fear of emptiness, harmony, immodest, delicacy and geometric severity…an endless series of images and visions , which neither frightens nor intimidates but rather welcomes the user into a soft, hypnotic kaleidoscope.

The Blue Edition of the Sushi Collection for Moroso builds on the original Sushi series, a playful range of sophisticated seating solutions for lounge areas. Whereas the original line is typified by an abundance of colours, the blue edition has a more stately presence with subtle geometric patterns on hues ranging from cerulean to royal, cobalt blue. Additionally the collection will contain Red, Green and Grey editions.
The Sushi Collection is designed to offer a wide range of seating options for lounges and lobbies. From out-in-the-open benches and poufs, to high-walled chairs allowing for more private conversations or intimate, face-to-face rendezvous. The surprising variety of shapes transforms spaces into landscapes, where the harmonious colours and patterns serve to hold the various elements together. All fabrics are woven in durable yet highly comfortable materials by Febrik.

Stress-resistant flame-retardant polyurethane foam in varied densities and polyester fiber on wood frame. Sofa has feet in varnished beech screwed to the frame. The Sushi collection covers are not removable, with the exception of the cushions.

Moroso has been working in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented designers to produce luxury sofas and seating since 1952.