Width 58 cm
Depth 58 cm
Height 83 cm
Weight 19 kg
Adjustable seat height 46 - 55 cm


Frame finish Polished Aluminium
Frame material Aluminium
Shell colour 00 White
Shell material Technopolymer


Volume 0.24 m3


Thanks to our history and the passion for innovation, combined with the capacity of industrial production, we have created Jubel: perfect choice for your meeting and conference areas, training and reading rooms, canteens and waiting areas, to finally reach the most sought after swivel versions, which can be coupled to arrange them in line and stackable.

Jubel is an extremely comfortable product, thanks to the unique shape of the back and the gentle curves that accompany the minimal and never invasive design of its countless versions. Jubel is available in an attractive color palette and it is possible to increase the finish with the upholstery of the seat or with the entire upholstered and upholstered shell.


Six complementary souls for interdisciplinary approaches to creation. Experts in industrial and environmental design, synthesizers of aesthetic and emotional approaches, creators of furnishings and decoration sets and sceneries, image managers and masterplanning: Forsix combines the development of iconic, elegant and functional products, communication and 'Corporate Art Direction.
The creative approach of Forsix Industrial Design is to bypass the common obstacles in the production of products through the use of innovative production systems, the result of continuous research and prototyping, knowledge of materials, knowledge of processes.