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Flip sides: jo reflects the principle of duality. The compact, semi-open armchair with an elongated backrest either on the right or on the left, the wing-like sofa, and the connecting chair with short rest elements may be arranged in a wide variety of ways. Several elements of the same kind or various individual modules may be grouped together to form a suite. jo’s design is characterised by smooth surfaces and alternating straight or diagonal as well as curved lines, additionally emphasised by a piped seam in white leather on the dark blue examples. Uninterrupted lines create an integrated look. The armchairs may be arranged facing different directions: Experiment with contrasting aspects such as closeness and distance, abstraction and emotion, restriction and openness. The wing-like sofa – a piece of furniture with a unique character – offers different seat depths as well as a range of sitting and lounging positions. May be combined with armchairs, or perfected by two cushions. jo rests either on hidden gliders or on visible wooden feet, painted black/white or in natural beech, oak or walnut. Armchair also available with a swivel base. Backrest and seat base covers separately removable. Cover material: fabric or leather. Soft contours and smooth surfaces highlight armchair jo’s excellent comfort level. Precisely positioned seams and clear colours underline the elemental look of the shape; the narrow, black leather piping on the white fabric versions adds additional emphasis to the overall shape of the design. The series of pictures on the right illustrates the various arrangement options. additions: jo‘s unusual, yet utterly symmetric shape and similarity to the graphic design becomes more pronounced the more chairs are placed in a row. The imaginative use of contrasting black and white on one side and fresh colours on the other emphasises this aspect. Top right the same armchairs in groups of two. A pair of armchairs in turquoise, complemented by a container made from recycled material, here shown partially painted on the inside. Each piece is unique. Armchair feet painted white, or made from waxed plywood. Above: The trio of armchairs in dark blue offers plenty of space for relaxed reading. jo‘s handy dimensions of 72 x 72 x 72 cm make it the perfect piece of furniture for smaller rooms or public spaces: Two armchairs with an elongated backrest and A chair with short rest elements are arranged alternately to form a seating arrangement that encourages conversation. Dark blue covers with a black leather piped seam. Wooden feet, painted black. The wide spectrum of arrangement options encourages experimentation with new positions or combinations – with or without containers or connecting chairs to link them. Container shown here painted black or white. This harmoniously combined suite, consisting of a chair with short rest elements and a sofa, is characterised by an elemental lightness, expressive curved shapes and a graphic design inspired clarity. Both in white leather. The design is the perfect synthesis of emotion and abstraction. Maritime verve: The wing-like sofa rises to the occasion as majestically as a ship‘s sail in the wind; perfectly complemented by a precisely matched armchair. The contrasting piped seams emphasise the flow of the lines. The loosely arranged suite at the top, consisting of a sofa and two armchairs, demonstrates the wide range of possible options. Set on white painted feet. Experimenting with shapes: One sofa and two armchairs with short backrests may be arranged in many different ways – for example to form an upholstered meander or placed singly to great effect. Covered in a fresh, bright red; the sofa also features a leather piped seam. The arrangement is made perfect by white painted feet and a matching container. Two wing-like sofas may be combined to form highly individual seating arrangements – combined to an open corner suite with a white connecting element. The rear view shows the sensuous flow of the curved backrests; the picture at the top the concise diagonal of the sofa‘s front. Enclosed, but not stifling: Two sofas with their long sides placed next to each other form an unusual oasis of calm with one open and one pointed angle at either end as well as two deep recesses for sitting in. A diamond-shaped container may be placed against the open angle end. Four cushions provide additional comfort. Seeing double: symmetrically arranged, these two sofas look like a pair of wings. On the right, the diagonal is accentuated, whilst the arrangement above places more emphasis on the sensuously curved backrest. In the picture on the left, a trapeze-shaped container links two sofas to form a generous formation. Each of these three arrangements emphasises the individuality, powerfulness and liveliness of this design.

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