Jimi sofa

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Inspired by mysterious geometric faces, innocent rounded shapes and, the queen of inspiration, mother nature, Elena Salmistraro has designed the Jimi sofa in collaboration with Houtique.

Jimi is an atypical sofa that avoids stereotypes. Simple, linear, never excessive. An stylized face, a smiling face, a benevolent object that makes you feel relaxed, calmed. A friend sofa. A velvety piece that fits perfectly in the colorful and uninhibited dimension of Houtique.

“Hi, this is me, Jimi. I love flowers, hand written letters (oh, come on, burn your computer and come back to the softness and the delicateness of the paper) and huge rounded hats.

Apart from being an expert in solving dramas, I have another super power: creating my own vital paradise. How? By watching the world through an exquisite perspective, through my big rounded eyes covered in a velvety mask to see/hear/feel/touch the world in a singular, delicious and delicate way. I will show it to you every time you sit on me”

Three seat sofa.
Upholstery Velvet(velvet is not fireproof) 100% polyester with backing. 345 gr / m ^ 2.
45000 Martindale cycles
40 kg fireproof rubber
Pinewood structure
Metal legs painted with Powder Coated
Dimensions: 180x78x112 cm

Exotic rhythms, champagne toasts and velvet words. We were dancing when we found a sign that said "Back to the future" and so we followed it. The sign took us here, to a sexy, luxe and fun dimension. We keep on dancing, we won't stop.