new Fora Form Jazz Young Barstool new Fora Form Jazz Young Barstool new Fora Form Jazz Young Barstool

The Jazz barstool is designed by Hindenes and Vikøren. The barstool received the Award for Design Excellence and Classic Award from the Norwegian Design Council. Jazz Young is timeless with elegant details and excellent craftsmanship. The barstool is suitable for canteens and places of frequent use. The Jazz barstool is available in several versions and all parts are replaceable. Shell in laminated birch, black or white. Stacks 9 chairs on trolley. Available with contrast seam. Base in chrome, metallic-, black-, or white epoxy. Felt or plastic glider. Dimensions: Barstool D: 35 cm SH: 80 cm Ø: 35 cm

FORA FORM was founded in 1929. FORA FORM is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of chairs, seating groups and tables for the contract market.