Jaybee Vol III imperial purple by Miinu

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Miinu Jaybee Vol III imperial purple Miinu Jaybee Vol IV capri breeze Miinu Jaybee Vol III pure black Miinu Jaybee Vol III stone gray

The Mount Everest of the collection: with 100,000 knots per square meter, an un-achievable masterpiece of creation – and also just as close to Tibet. Once you’ve stood on this luxury of silk and highland wool, you’ll never want to sit again. In 1,000 years you still won’t be able to print this one out in 3D. A pseudo-maze pattern, with all colour combinations conceivable. VOL. III ... and with a classic vintage-carpet look. A digital draft of the final carpet gives you an impression in advance and an individual sample is provided for final approval. Also possible: Your own design. VOL. IV All four models have one thing in common: this is what tidied-up marble must look like to a unicorn. Otherwise, everything is completely ordinary: 100,000 knots per square metre, each made of 50% silk and Tibetan highland wool.

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