J110 dining chair is part of HAY's 2011 relaunch of the Danish furniture classics originally made for FDB (The Danish Consumers’Co-operative Society).

Solid Beech
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High-backed and with armrests, this is a Nordic and democratic version of a royal seat. The round poles form a cosy shell and give a calm, clean, regular expression. The wood gives the light and simple look slightly more gravity, and in the coloured versions, the J110 becomes a hyper-modern sculpture in the room, as the interplay between the slats and the light performs a delicate shadow dance on the walls and floor.  Not suitable for contract.

Poul M. Volther

Paul Volther is a Danish designer and educator (at Denmark’s Design School) who was responsible for a number of notable mid-century furniture designs, including chairs, armchairs and sofas. Trained as a cabinet maker and furniture designer at The Arts and Crafts School in Copenhagen, he was a key proponent of functionalism and specifically focused on applying craft techniques to fine quality materials. He was employed as a designer at FDB in 1949 and later went on to become the head of design. FDB (Fællesforeningen for Danmarks Brugsforeninger) is the Danish Consumers Cooperative Society, more widely known as Coop. The FDB furniture department played a pivotal role in revolutionising the industry in Denmark, it was founded in 1933 and in 1942 Børge Mogensen was installed as design director. His pioneering approach was distinguished by a desire to create simple, elegant and practical design intended for mass consumption. During his time at FDB, Volther designed a number of products, those now produced by HAY are the three-legged J107 chair and his interpretation of the Windsor chair, the J110.

HAY has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity since its founding in 2002, with a focus on making premium scandinavian design accessible to the largest audience possible.