Isola table by Linteloo

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“Based on the characteristic, evolutionary, ‘powerfull’ shapes of Asian trees I tried to ‘re-use’ these organic and fluent curved 'tree-trunk' shapes into a table serie.I wanted to give my new design proposal for Linteloo, an organic look, in contrast with the existing geometrical designs of tables, that you see nowadays. Besides the organic top view, I created a more geometric side view by shaping the legs of the base in a more 'linear' way. What fascinated me, is how beautiful these two different design 'languages' can mix and blend into a homogeneous design that looks very natural in it’s appearance. Ultimately, in my opinion, it justifies the creation of this unique piece as it really has become a ‘one of a kind’ table". A large slice of a log provided the inspiration for this design; the annual rings serve, as it were, as a type of ‘pattern’. Thanks to a computer program specially designed for a milling machine, the designer has succeeded in bestowing a modern interpretation upon the characteristic annual rings found in wood. “By mimicking tree’s rings three-dimensionally, Roderick Vos uses the incidence of light to create a surprising effect - one of imperfect circles in asymmetric harmony, amplifying their own natural beauty.” The table series ISOLA by Roderick Vos for Linteloo is available in two heights ; a dining table , (height 76cm, length 220 or 240 cm)) and two low tables (height 32cm, length 170 or 220 cm. All tables are decorated with a ‘log pattern’ .The ‘smoked’ dark brown oak tables are finished with natural oil.

From the headquarters in Zeist, in the heart of The Netherlands, Linteloo brings together international designers and European craftsmen to create contemporary furniture that lasts for years.