Iso A Round Side Table
Petite Friture

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From flat to volume and from volume to flat, Iso plays with perspectives and makes the surface useful through illusion.

With these two side-tables Iso-A (rond) and Iso-B (square), Pool studio reaffirms its hyper graphic style. Each one of these tables taken individually highlight a pattern; the two tables presented together create a new one: their superposition gives birth to a "moiré" effect, and the pattern becomes alive. The shadows become volumes and the volumes become flat.


POOL is a duo composed of Léa Padovani (1981) french of Iranian-Italian heritage and Sébastien Kieffer (1982), french, based in Paris. In 2010, POOL create a collective concept, whose goal is to explore associations between objects, architecture and images. Beyond the obvious presence of an object, its beauty and function, the designers search for a multiplicity of meanings and highlight the emotions and reference points. In 2012 they were nominated «Talents à la carte» during Maison&Objet, «Young New Talent» for the price AD and received the «LABEL VIA» for the W&W lighting ceiling system manufactured by ALTER. They have since have created numerous scongraphies and projects for Cassina, Café Craft, Biennale de Kortrijk...

PETITE FRITURE, LIBRE GARDE design editor, was founded 10 years ago by Amélie du Passage, placing bold, talented, emerging designers at the heart of its singular collections.