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Asymmetric light distribution For a homogenous illumination of vertical surfaces.

InLine is a sophisticated tool for linear lighting: Instead of merely diffusing it throughout the room, InLine directs the light with precision to the desired surface. Supporting the planner’s creativity, InLine offers a wealth of new applications and simultaneously strengthens the bonds between architecture and lighting. InLine is a unique lighting tool that enables to create a whole range of different lighting scenarios, from diffused general light to homogenous indirect light to direct accent light. This is achieved deploying a light direction principle based on the interplay of two individual lenses (patent pending). Essentially, a primary lens concentrates the LED light while a secondary lens directs it to the desired surface. Additionally, a diffuser that evenly distributes the light is also available. InLine System is a flexible modular system adjusted to architectural requirements. As ceiling, wall and suspension installation, it provides uninterrupted linear light with all six light directions. InLine System can be further individualised with blanking profiles, colour filters and lettering. INLINE-S: LIGHT EMISSION TO THE SIDES The primary lens InLine-S is based on the principle of a beam splitter: this distributes the light in equal parts in both directions. Two separate secondary lenses then distribute the light to the front (S-Forward) or the back (S-Backward). The front of the two secondary lenses is shielded by an anodised aluminium profile. InLine-S can be mounted to a ceiling or on a wall or used as a pendant light. INLINE-F: LIGHT EMISSION TO THE FRONT The primary lens InLine-F is based on the principle of a collection lens: this concentrates the light and directs it to the front. Three separate secondary lenses then distribute the light to create a narrow (F-40°), wide (F-80°) or asymmetrical (F-Asymm) effect. The sides of the three secondary lenses are shielded by an anodised aluminium profile. INLINE-D: DIFFUSED LIGHT EMISSION InLine-D emits a diffused, homogenous light in all directions. A patented system enables colour and conversion filters to be additionally inserted in the secondary lens. INLINE SYSTEM AND INLINE SINGLE InLine is incredibly versatile. While InLine System* can go to any length you want, InLine Single allows to choose from 420 individual lamps. By using the interactive filter on, picking from the wide selection is a piece of cake. Select yours in five steps: MOUNTING: InLine can be mounted to a wall or ceiling or can be used as a pendant lamp. LIGHT DIFFUSION: There are six optical systems to choose from. LENGTH: You can choose from six standard lengths up to 2.25 m. OPERATING MODE: On/Off or dimmable? You select the operating mode yourself. Luminaires with a higher light output are available on demand. COLOUR TEMPERATURE: There is a choice of three different colour temperatures: 2,700, 3,000 and 4,000 Kelvin.

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