Width 20 cm
Depth 20 cm
Height 38 cm
Weight 6 kg


Colour Peach
Material Glass
Secondary colour Brass
Secondary material Brass


Assembly required none
Suitable for outdoor use no


At Utopia & Utility we combine functional & fanstastical. Stacked, this piece is sculptural. Once unstacked, it can be used as three independent vases or bowls.

We believe that everything that deserves to be made; deserves to be made well. From the process to the finished objects, our motivation is to enrich life through beauty.

Our product philosophy at Utopia & utility is to combine traditional materials in innovative ways that change conventional perceptions. Crafts is at the heart of everything, we work closely with various European makers to develop and produce all our pieces.

These vases are functional sculptures. Each piece is handmade by individual craftsmen in Europe.

The Glass is blown by a team of four men in Bohemia, Czech Republic, where the glass making tradition dates back to 1250.

The wood is Alder, a tree that grows along the lakeshore in Finland. Often it is felled on remote Finnish islands and transported by boat to the craftsmen. There it dries, for over one year before it is even ready to come inside and again to dry for even a longer period of time. After this is it cut and shaped on the lathe, finished and oiled.

The Brass is spun from solid sheets, in a family run workshop in Leytonstone, London. The sheet is pressed over a form by hand, and linished to achieve a clean and matt surface.

All of these parts come together in our Workshop in North Germany, the pieces are composed as a whole and send to our Galleries and customers.

‘We believe that everything that deserves to be made, deserves to be made well.