Il Fanale Il Rilegato Il Fanale Il Rilegato Il Fanale Il Rilegato Il Fanale Il Rilegato

Seducing and precious touches of light. The right amount of luxury, almost whispered, where classical shapes take on new and fascinating connotations. The lamps of Il Rilegato re-interpret from a contemporary point of view, antique shapes and charms. The result is a collection of refined lights, suitable to the creation of non-conventional atmospheres. This collection is born from the long and accurate study of the ancient hand-made processing technique of glass-caming, used to embellish the most important palaces during the Renaissance period. All the lamps belonging to this collection have been created in curved-glass crystal with brass rests. The processing of this collection, as all of Il Fanale’s, follows an artisanal approach, sticking to tradition. Every single element of the lamps is hand-cleaned, polished or matted through the application of specific waxes and patinas. The Ceiling Lamps fall into three categories, differing due to their finishes, offering several models to choose from. Practical and irreplaceable, the collection Il Rilegato offers ample variety of ceiling lights. Rivisitations of classical models projected into contemporary and refined realities.

Founded in 1979 in San Biagio di Callalta near Treviso, Il Fanale creates lamps with a strong evocative and expressive potential, artworks with a long-time spirit, pieces that combine a sublime craftsmanship with the latest lighting techniques.