Karakter Copenhagen Il Kilometre Karakter Copenhagen Il Kilometre

Well crafted. Well thought. Colombo’s multi-purpose shelving system. Inspired by a field trip to Scandinavia in the sixties, Italian designer Joe Colombo chose wood and aluminium for Il Kilometre. He designed a never ending set of rails and a wide variety of modules, creating an almost endless array of possible combinations. Mounting: Il Kilometre is a range of differents modules that float on the wall on discreet wood/aluminium wall-mounted rails. Measurements: 01: W/D/H: 640/320/640 mm 02: W/D/H: 400/320/320 mm 03: W/D/H: 400/320/100 mm Wall Profile: L: 64/40/100 Finish: Available in wood or coloured MDF. Construction Material: Wood or coloured MDF. Surfaces and colors Ash or Black

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