ICosI by Bonaldo

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Bonaldo has begun a new and interesting partnership with Afroditi Krassa, the vivacious young Greek designer based in London. The first object created was the ICosì occasional table, a simple geometric structure made up of numerous curved, varnished steel rods. “ICosì is an extremely light, simple, yet visually dynamic form. The concept originated from drawing lines and grids on models of this form that I came up with. The form really puzzled me because it was very simple yet very exciting; it looked like it was twisted by 90 degrees. I developed the design so that it utilises only one element made out of bent steel rod, a very simple production process. The same element is then repeated by twenty plus times (therefore the name ICosì, in Greek it means ‘twenty’), not always in the same orientation.” (Afroditi Krassa) The lightness of the design makes ICosì particularly versatile and perfect for various environments: living space, bedroom but also contract spaces where it can be used as a single element or in a group. The structure is entirely varnished and is available in various colours.

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