Iconic Eyes 161 Pendant Light

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The first sparkle of this great idea was inspired by iconic automotive headlights. They have been modified to design a grand pendant light with a classy, powerful impact for the foyer of the Bavarian National Museum in Germany.

The light’s oval design is modern with a classic touch. It generates a precious ambient glow enhanced by bright rings of light and is produced in two sizes. Glorious and breath-taking in appearance, it consists of numerous lenses and a constellation of LED lights.

Bernhard Dessecker

Bernhard Dessecker

Bernhard Dessecker has enjoyed more than thirty years of professional experience in lighting planning, interior architecture and developing and designing lighting fixtures. Dessecker’s career began as an interior architect in 1983 at Studio Morsa in New York City.

The following year he became a member of the design team at Ingo Maurer, a top international lighting design company based in Munich, Germany. To those in the industry, he was known as the right hand of Ingo himself. Not only did Dessecker contribute his own designs to the collection, but he also developed many of the technically challenging and complex light fixtures. Additionally, he was responsible as project manager for myriad national and international projects. All the while, Dessecker managed his own project planning and design office, where he realised products and projects in Germany and elsewhere.

Throughout the past thirty years of professional practice, Dessecker has acquired a wide technical knowledge in the field of semiconductor technology (LED and OLED). In this context he has held lectures and workshops around the world at conventions, universities and museums.

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