Iceberg by Manooi

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Technically speaking, Iceberg is one of the most intricate and advanced chandeliers. Manufactured in the Manooi atelier, Iceberg comes in 32 different sizes and shapes to adapt to every architectural space. Variants include a popular hemispherical version and also its egg-shaped twin, the Iceberg Deep, claiming more vertical space. You can choose transparent or colored crystal combination. Available in 32 different sizes and shapes. Or in customized version according to your needs. Iceberg is also available in + version. + sign refers to chandeliers which are dressed with crystal trimmings all around. Iceberg 100/25 L 100 x W 25 x H 22 Iceberg 120/30 L 120 x W 30 x H 24 Iceberg 140/35 L 140 x W 35 x H 26 Iceberg 160/40 L 160 x W 40 x H 28 Iceberg 180/45 L 180 x W 45 x H 30 Iceberg 200/50 L 200 x W 50 x H 32 Iceberg 220/55 L 220 x W 55 x H 34 Iceberg 240/60 L 240 x W 60 x H 36

Manooi believes that a considered lighting scheme can create a uniquely personal universe; an empowering and affirming space for the individuals within.