Hoyo coffetable by JENSENplus

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Top: Oak, White laminate, Black linoleum, Plywood (Core) and Black leather. Base: Chrome, White powdercoated and black powdercoated. 60x60 cm, 80x80 cm og 100x100 cm

HOYO is Japanese and means ‘hugs’ or feeling good, and is therefore the natural name for this new lounge chair designed for JENSENplus by Lars Vejen. It’s cosy and spacy attitude, invites to be seated in… The HOYO lounge chair is beautiful, with classical lines, being harmoni and non-stressful to the eye. HOYO can be delivered with both extra pillow and arms in pure leather. HOYO is made in 18mm chrome with seat and back in various colors and materials. HOYO coffeetable is designed by the Danish architect and designer Lars Vejen. HOYO is Japanese and means to take care of the health, and to see and experience the beauty. Inspired by his time and travels in Japan, Lars Vejen wanted to design a easy table with few, simple and distinctive details.

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