Horizon 1350115 by Woodnotes

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The multi-coloured stripes of the Horizon carpet are placed asymmetrically on the background. The width of the striped area varies according to the length of the carpet but is always at least 90 cm. Material: 86% paper yarn (weft), 14% cotton (warp) Weight: Approx. 1,90 kg/m2 Suggested application: residential Sizes: Carpets are supplied to order. The maximum width is 330 cm and the maximum length is 10 m. Features: Due to the tight weave, carpets do not ignite easily. Antistatic. Suitable for persons with allergies. Finishing: Sewn edges and thin turned ends (thickness ca 5 mm). Also available with edging and backing. Carpets are supplied with soil-repellent treatment.

Woodnotes is a Finnish design company founded by Ritva and Mikko Puotila in 1987.