Hood is a pendant which is created from a unique sheet of steel which has been folded. Its pleats create a smart geometry and also compose its structure. Experimenting, cutting and folding many pieces of a simple material as cartoon, a shape was achieved with the essential number of pieces. The arbitrariness of the cuts and the angle of the folds give us as a result a complete asymmetry and character with a suggestive game of volumes, lights and shadows.The double steel tensor avoids the inclination of the fixture, and at the same time gives stability to avoid its rotation. It works with a E-27 lamp, and we recommend the energy saving globe of 15 W. The standard finish is always white on the outside, being possible to colour the inside from a choice of white, red, black, green, yellow or brown. It is also possible to finish it in other colours by request and according to the budget. L61 P80 H33-120 Lámpara/Bulb: 1 x E27 Globo Ø120 25W (Save Energy). INCLUDED 50 cm / 19 3⁄4” 64 cm / 25 3⁄4” 80 cm / 31 1⁄2”

Almerich reinvents itself merging it's best tradition with the most actual contemporaneity, searching for sophistication based on craftsmanship, innovation and culture of design.