Width 280 cm
Depth 105 cm
Height 75 cm
Net weight 88 kg


Finish Ash Natural A01N
Material Solid Ash


Size 280 x 105 x 75 cm
Year 2015


Holland is a reimagining of the classic trestle or Cavalletto table.

Holland combines a top made of solid ash profiles, timber veneer and timber particle board. Base frame is solid ash with a stretcher rail made of steel wrapped in timber veneer.


Founded in 2009, the studio has an international outlook built on the bedrock of Italy's enviable design heritage, and Italian culture's emphasis on quality, craftmanship and beauty. Designed to be versatile and maintain a continuous dialogue with architecture, Metrica furniture is as at ease in a residential space as it is in a commercial project, able to respond to the unique demands of both environments. The studio's versatile designs are characterised by their contemporary form, an understanding of the delicate relationship between objects and volumes and a commitment to technological innovation in both materials and processes.

SP01 is a new design brand featuring a collection of beautifully detailed, hand-finished furniture, conceived in Australia and designed and made in Italy.