Width 5 cm
Depth 0.10 cm
Height 5 cm
Weight 0.10 kg


Colour Gold
Material Brass


Assembly required minimal


Set of 3 pieces. 1 circle, 1 rectangle, 1 triangle

Fold. Hold. Remind.

Letters written on postcards, “vintage” photos on paper, and the backsides of admission tickets with phone numbers hurriedly scribbled onto them are beginning to vanish. The puristic table decoration, HOLD, works against this forgetfulness.

Sent flat and ready to be bent to your liking, geometric shapes such as triangles, half-circles, and squares made of polished brass hold anything you like: postcards, letters, photographs… even business cards, invitations, or seat reservations.

HOLD holds, what you wish to hold.

njustudio products meet the need for more than bare function: They are food for thought on issues of our post-modern life – they create links to individual experiences and memories.