Upholstered foam on molded birch plywood, legs of form pressed birch plywood lacquered natural, painted black and white. Certificates: ISO 7173 Level 4 The front of the seat is designed to be used as an aid to getting up instead of armrests. Leather: the entire seat/back is upholstered from one piece of leather, therefore the leather needs to be of high quality and a minimum of ½ hide is needed for one chair.

HK Collection expresses the subtle design idiom arising from Nordic modernism. Harri Koskinen’s design language is characterized by practicality and an uncompromising aesthetic. He searches for clarity and innovative solutions that meet the needs of the consumer and the manufacturer alike. The pieces in the HK collection have a strong character while simultaneously remaining anonymous, therefore being equally well suited for use in both private and public interiors.

Artek - art and technology Artek is renowned as one of the most innovative contributions to modern design.