Hippo Wall Plug In by Vertigo Bird
Vertigo Bird

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Vertigo Bird Hippo Wall Plug In Vertigo Bird Hippo Ceiling / Wall lamp Vertigo Bird Hippo Suspension lamp Vertigo Bird Hippo Floor lamp Vertigo Bird Hippo Table lamp

As joyful as a hippo’s head and as playful as a magnet, Hippo is never exactly in the same position as everything in nature. Hippo is a series of lamps attached on a magnetic spindle. The rounded glass volume with the reflective metal calyx stays stable by the pull of magnetism. Hippo is unique, friendly, poetic and full of personality with endless possibilities of arrangements in the interior space. Easy to be set and changed by the user, it possesses a sculptural and modern presence with its soft and cozy diffused light. Available in ceiling, suspension, wall, table and floor versions, with an economic fluorescent bulb. Material: glass, metal Colours of rosette: white, copper Light source E27 / 1x23W Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Vertigo Bird is a contemporary Slovenian lighting brand established in 2008.