Heron Marble Lamp

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Lightness and vitality.

Bec Brittain’s study of weights and proportions wasn’t meant to be a pure sculptural exercise but, rather, aimed to make marble more her own, an everyday material. With its inner light, “Heron” glides over the desk or table in an elongated, slightly angular shape reminiscent of the bird it draws inspiration from even in its colors (white, ash grey, pink). “Heron” sees with the eyes of the soul, with the intimate light of marble.

The quality of the handicraft, the luxury of the materials, the value of a planning concept, are all modern influences: combining them through objects, home accessories and exclusive furnishings is MMairo’s design. Established in 2016, with the dream of a unique piece, the company has made marble its material of choice; unique, precious, never equal to itself, dreamlike, with those endless veins.