Width 7 cm
Depth 7 cm
Height 14 cm
Weight 0.24 kg


Colour Neutral
Material Oak
Secondary colour Clear
Secondary material Glass


Assembly required none
Size 2 Flasks - each 0.24 kg
Suitable for outdoor use no


They stand to attention whenever you need them and sway gently once you’re done.

Herbs and teas are stored aroma proof in the STANDUP HERB FLACONS.

The herb jars hold about 100 ml and are closed with a natural cork. The narrow glass opening with a small curved rim ensures that spices and herbs can be dosed precisely. The pretty spice jar is a fine present for all tea and herb lovers.

The wooden half sphere is milled from mirror-glued hardwood. It is treated several times with hard wax oil. The sanding results in a silky shine and a super smooth surface. The assembly of all components requires a lot of sensitivity. The adhesion of wood and glass is almost invisible.

Handmade in Germany.

“We are drawn to the natural world. It’s in our nature. And yet we live in cities and stare at walls. The label URBANATURE fills the gap in everyday life between city living and the longing for something more primal.” Jörg Brachmann