Former Helix A square table Former Helix

“Today every branch of science seems intent on demonstrating that the world is supported by the most minute entities, such as the messages of DNA, the impulses of neurons, quarks, neutrinos wandering through space since the beginning of time...” Italo Calvino – American Lessons Also Helix wants to show the power of lightness, the lightness of the matter as a prerogative of contemporaneity. The crystal glass top is supported by twisting bands. This movement contains the synthesis of the product or rather the hearth of this “machine” which bases its existence on the pursuit of harmony between nature and its organically light shapes. The union of nature and technology emphasizes the ethereal quality of this dance that challenges gravity. Finishing: Top: tempered crystal glass, 1.2 cm thick, transparent, transparent extra-light Legs: white Cristalplant® Dimensions: squared 150 x150 h. 75 - 180 x 180 h. 75 squared with curved sides 150 x 150 h. 75 - 180 x 180 h. 75

Former, Industria per l’Arredamento based in Cantù, was born in 1967.