Heartbreaker Sofa

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The stylistic hallmark of Heartbreaker sofas lies in the design of the armrests, which represent the halves of a heart, or a broken heart, and which whimsically combine to form a full heart when sofas are placed side by side. Hence the name, which playfully alludes to a broken heart or ironically to a “heartbreaker”.

“An old saying goes, the greatest love songs are written by songwriters withbroken hearts - that was also the case when I designed the Heartbreaker sofa system. It may seem like a cliché, but it was in the scribbles during sleepless nights that this almost obvious shape took form, helping me to express my emotions through drawing.” Johannes Torpe 

The Heartbreaker collection of sofas was designed as a system for the contract market: the project combines pure, geometric shapes with the utmost comfort, making the product, which was designed for heavy duty, suitable also for residential use.

Johannes Torpe

Johannes Torpe

The founder and visionary behind Johannes Torpe Studios, Danish designer Johannes Torpe is an unconventional creative in every way imaginable. A self-trained architect, industrial designer, lighting designer, graphic artist and music producer, he doesn’t conform to established boundaries and simply calls himself a design activist.

Guided by the believe that we do our best work when we pursue things that move us, his latest furniture design is a translation of human emotions into a contemporary furniture collection. Like the way the best love songs has been written pursuing his unrestrained and intuitive approach to design and life in general, in the “Heartbreaker“and “Precious“ collections, he turned the joy of love and the pain of a heartbreak into a composition of sophisticated shapes and materials.

His collaboration with Moroso is a rejuvenitation of a long-time friendship. Joining together the unparalleled creativity and distinguished expertise of Moroso and Johannes Torpe.

As a practitioner who has worked across a multitude of continents,
disciplines and industries the diversity of Johannes´s portfolio reveal a
fearless approach to design. To him creativity never confined to one
industry nor one discipline. This mindset and his vast experience allows him to create standout furniture collections.

As a long time Creative Director of Bang & Olufsen, Johannes has
helped world wide brands like Nike and latest the Canadian bike maker Argon 18. Also, he has redefined Hospitality with the award winning Red Mountain Resort project in Iceland and most recently has been creating the Danish trains of the future. He is strengthening brands with thoughtprovoking solutions that crosses the fields of interior design, branding, industrial design and architecture.

Staying true to his credo, “To go beyond and further“ he will keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and design like no one else.

Moroso has been working in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented designers to produce luxury sofas and seating since 1952.