Width 46 cm
Length 45 cm
Height 78.5 cm
Net weight 10 kg
Seat height 48 cm


Base material Wood
Colour Light Grey
Finish Natural Concrete
Seat material Concrete


This version of the d’Hauteville concrete chair incorporates wooden feet for a warmer rendering.

The balance between brutalism and elegance is still present. The wooden feet are made of birch plywood generally used in construction.The concrete shell of the seat perfectly matches body’s curves. It’s very soft to the touch and extremely comfortable. Caress the outside of the seat and you will understand that the brutality of the first creative intention remains intact. It all starts during an urban exploration in the attic of a disused sanitarium where the designer Henri Lavallard Boget found a 50’s resin shell. It was the beginning of a rough and creative adventure that ends up with a great collection of unique concrete chairs.

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