Hash Coatrack by New Tendency
New Tendency

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HASH coat rack is a versatile coat rack, which can be placed in a foyer, wardrobe or hallway. Each tube is produced separately, thus the coat rack can be assembled and disassembled, adapting to the need and the space it is used within. At the top of each tube is a notch for hangers, garments and bags. Forming a composition reminiscent of the hash sign, it consists of four directional steel rods that intersect and rest upon one another, creating a simple structure of thin lines. + Variation: HASH KIDS Steel, powder coated, fine texture 670 × 460 × 1750 mm 480 x 330 x 1330 mm Black/ White

NEW TENDENCY is contemporary design from Berlin. HOW NEW TENDENCY is a design company that applies Modernist principles onto contemporary objects of the everyday.