Width 91.4 cm
Seat depth 40.6 cm
Seat height 37.1 cm
Seat width 70 cm


Base finish 600 Aluminum Polished
Cup holder colour TR-AK Chalk
Upholstery 39 0003 Fame
Wing colour Arctic JA-AR


Glides Glides provided with plastic and felt tips, matching the base colour
Tablet One-piece moulded plywood form, sliding 180.3mm to the side
Tablet surface Wood veneer finish in NRW35 clear on rift-cut white oak


Part task seating, part lounge chair, Harbor Work Lounge offers the support people need to be productive, while making a stylish statement wherever work gets done.

Choose from a fully or partially upholstered chair shell on a cast aluminium base. Harbor Work Lounge combines form with function, style with convenience. It’s a platform that supports your work, no matter what space you’re in. Technology has blended all factions of life work, play, family, travel. People are no longer tethered to a desk, or even an office. Harbor Work Lounge fits in wherever work gets done. Bring what you need for the day, have a seat, and accomplish all you have to do. Chair swivels 22 degrees to the left and right allowing movement while seated, automatically re-adjusts to centre upon exiting.

Nicolai Czumaj-Bront

Nicolai believes that design should be about passion and love for life, to find new ways to create beauty, to tell stories, to care, to inspire, to challenge ideas, and to solve problems. Design should not be dictated by trends nor should it remain in a particular style or field.

There’s plenty of noise in the business world, but the best spaces have the capacity to cut through it all and say something meaningful - something that inspires people to pause, gather, connect, and refresh.