Suspends lightness and lends a vivacious touch even to the most austere workplace.

Its cheerfully coloured look also makes it a suitable lamp for furnishing homes, public and representative places. Dazzle-free and particularly attentive to visual comfort, Happy Happy is available in two versions: with an opaline white diffuser screen for a well-spread luminosity, or with a dark-light aluminium grille to generate a direct and more technical light. Its body, made in a single piece by means of the rotomoulding technique, can assume different shades of pleasant colour through the easy insertion of four coloured polycarbonate filters. In this way the lamp can diffuse a softly coloured light laterally and a white light downwards.
True to the Luceplan philosophy, which has always shown the greatest care to minimise the environmental impact of its products, Happy Happy is made of polyethylene, one of the most highly recyclable plastics available on the market today. Its bulbs are the latest generation of T5 fluorescents (in three tones), powered with electronic ballast, or conventional T8s powered with electromechanical ballast to produce low-consumption luminous efficiency and quality. Structure Body in semitransparent satin-finished polyethylene. Diffuser in opaline polycarbonate. Coloured filters for different chromatic effect.
Finish Opal. L 142 x W 23 x H 16/50-200 cm Please note: Not available in the U.S. and Sweden.

Formed in 1978, Luceplan cements the idea of three architects, Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi who wished to consolidate the experience developed during their long-standing collaboration with Gino Sarfatti, founder of Arteluce.