Happen Pouf by Sancal

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Sancal Happen Pouf Sancal Happen Sancal Happen Sancal Happen

If we think about how to represent a sofa in a white sheet, we would surely draw something really similar to this model. Happen is what happens: the paradigm, the essence of a sofa nowadays. Happen originates with the aim of being normal, thus, it has been conceived to go beyond transient fads; its timeless shapes transcend this. Rafa García didn’t try to reinvent anything, he just practiced good design - taking into account the proportions, materials, seams - and the ability to create dynamic compositions; always with the conviction that every detail is really important, however small. The project eschews grand gestures and gimmicks, but, instead, uses neutral forms and simplicity as the base for the collection and its development. It is this pretence of normality what differentiates the product. Details are studied without artifice. Thus, Rafa adheres to the philosophy that promoted Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison through the Super Normal exhibition, Sensations of the Ordinary. Happen uses a narrow L-shaped base to integrate all the elements. More than a puzzle, it is a large modular program, closer to the modular furniture system than to upholstery. Faced with the premise of offering an extensive modularity with which to work and integrate into all kinds of spaces, the challenge was to find original parts to meet new needs, such as: add to the structure of the sofa a surface to support different objects; various types of arms; a double bottom module; terminal modules, and chaises longues of different formats. It also allows us to create angles with a large number of pieces. Not to mention the accessories: poufs running loose and integrated into a composition or merging with a few upholstered tables to solve two applications in one. To all this modularity, we add an option: the duality of height of the back cushions - 74 and 84 centimetres. If the details are the key to providing comfort and durability, the unseen details are even more important: the seat cushions are made from a special composition of polyurethane, on top of which is added a 6 cm. deep layer of memory foam. Mission accomplished! Technical data Wooden structure covered with foam and fibre with felt. Seat and Back fitted with NEA elastic webbing. Seat, back and arms covered with HR Ultracel multilayered foam. Table module: wooden structure covered with HR Ultracel mul- tilayered foam. Arm cushion covered with HR Ultracel foam and fibre. Seat cushion covered with multilayered foam with memory foam top layer. Cushion covered with a H250 thermofused shell covered in an unwoven fabric. Back cushion covered with HR Ultracel multilayered foam cove- red with polyester fibre. Lumbar cushion: cotton cover filled with FiberDream (a down- touch microfibre). Solid beech feet in wenge. Tempered glass top grey smoked finish with sandblasting details.

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