H55 anniversary sunlounger by Skargaarden

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H55 60 YEARS H55. The Swedish Society of Industrial Design arranged the Helsingborg Exhibition of 1955, to, in the optimistic spirit of the age, showcase the previous 25 years since the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930. The event acquired the neat nickname of H55. Scandinavia’s designers were extremely well represented, including Alvar Aalto, Stig Lindberg, Yngve Ekström, Finn Juhl and Arne Jacobsen. And Björn Hultén. Björn designed a sun chair – one of the things that we at Skargaarden have always held dear as a source of reference and inspiration. It’s so perfect it’s almost provocative. How so little material can provide so much comfort. How something that speaks with such subtlety can become the focal point for a whole garden. It’s now 60 years since the H55 exhibition. We’re marking this with a 60th anniversary edition of the H55 that features Sunbrella Renaissance fabric in darker and lighter versions. The H55, a recliner in teak, fabric and stainless steel, was designed in 1955, is unbelievably comfortable and has four different recline settings. W: 76 cm D: 90 cm H: 92 cm W: 9 kg

W: 76 cm D: 90 cm H: 92 cm W: 9 kg

Skargaarden makes leisure furniture, and by that we mean furniture that is beautiful enough to have indoors, but resilient enough to withstand the great outdoors for much of the year.