1994: Antwerp-based interior architects Claire Bataille and Paul ibens design H2O, a return to the timeless classic work table: a simple rectangular, height adjustable top on aluminium cross shaped legs. Apart from the shape of the legs, it is the H2O epithet which captures the imagination as well as the essence of the product. H2O stands in reference to the clear, pure and refreshing quality of the shape that is as indispensable as water. In doing so, Bulo was one of the first European furniture manufactures to uncompromisingly strip the office furniture of its “office role”, i.e. a furniture which can only be used in office rooms. The Bataille & Ibens designed table equally serves as a dining table in the home. As such, the design echoes the ever rising trend which blurs the dividing line between the home and the office. H2O was unveiled during the Interieur Biennial in Kortrijk in 1994, and since then, it has been distributed worldwide.

Since 1963, the Belgian brand Bulo has been creating furniture for work.