Lampert H 57 armchair Lampert H 57 armchair Lampert H 57 armchair Lampert H 57 chair Lampert H 57 chair Lampert H 57 chair

For Herbert Hirche’s 100th birthday, we had a look around his home, hoping to find some hidden treasure. His daughter Conny still lives in his house today. And among all the beautiful furniture from the 1950s and 60s, we struck it rich! Suddenly the prototype of a 1957 chair (originally designed for the famous “Interbau 1956” exhibition in Berlin) appeared before us, looking rather worn but nonetheless rendering us speechless. Or, to put it more precisely: we were thrilled and immediately decided to include the chair in our collection.And voilà! The H 57 chair, a design in the tradition of Saarinen and Eames, yet very much an independent character. And utterly comfortable! The chair is available with the original green cover, a velvety velour, which we also offer in charcoal and dark brown. For connoisseurs, it is also available with a suede cover of the grade used in gloves and jackets. A wonderfully tactile suede split leather that quickly develops a patina, just like a suede jacket. You can also get the chair with a cover of your choice as long as the fabric has the right stress and tensile properties.

RICHARD LAMPERT: DESIGN ICONS AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGN In 1993, Richard Lampert founded his company, based in the German city of Stuttgart, with the aim of producing innovative and versatile furniture for everyday use.