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Tables with endless possibilities GRIP is a versatile range of tables for home or office use, canteens, meeting rooms and conferences rooms.Inspired by tightrope walkers The GRIP table’s design is inspired by tightrope walkers who balance by means of a long pole to defy gravity. Like the tightrope walkers, GRIP’s innovative design becomes more stable the more weight is added.Movable legs – to accommodate individual needs A long central beam supports the surface of the table, while a “grip” system has been devised for the legs. The legs can log onto the beam at any location, allowing flexibility in the installation of the table. The long beam profile provides an impressively long span between the two legs – up to 3 meter – emphasizing the unusually light and airy appearance of the GRIP table.Winner of several awards The GRIP table has won the Danish Design Award in 2012 and the AZ Award in 2015.

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