Granny is a reminiscence of childhood.

Base diameter
Electrical cable finish
Inner diameter
Outer diameter
Packaging weight

Pure natural wool from sheep bred on green alpine pastures in the remote valleys of the Tyrol the harsh climate and the rough terrain is home to high quality handcrafted production rather than the industrial. Each lamp can be tracked back to the flock where the wool came from. Intervention at different stages of the cycle has refined the existing products and new products were developed from half-finished materials. For Granny thick woollen threads are used to produce a raw yet cosy surface. The threads are produced by a family business in the Tyrol, with each lamp hand-knitted by a collective of homebased workers in the Netherlands. A natural treatment is applied, making the wool flame resistant and resistant to moth and mite infestation.

The lamp is supplied with light bulb. Max 100W 250V E27. 

The switch is in the same colour as the electrical cable.

Design, innovation, constant research into new forms and materials to create unique products.